Who we are

T3A is a client-centric architecture studio with a strong focus on promoting health and wellness through design.

We are passionate about creating architecture that connects people with their surroundings – architecture that improves one’s living, learning, working, resting and playing environment.

Our approach is fresh, personal, highly collaborative and holistic in nature. We craft architecture that excites, respects the context and environment, and embodies aesthetics and a strong ‘sense of place’.

Our commitment to using cutting-edge 4D BIM-capable modelling software enables us to design with precision and collaborate more effectively. This software also allows us to explore complex forms, analyse the effects of light and shadow on buildings and their surroundings, and effectively track various stages in a building’s development, from concept to construction.

We specialise in residential and commercial architecture, with a specific focus on:

  • New bespoke homes
  • New commercial developments
  • Alterations and additions to:
    • Adapt to a household’s changing needs
    • Adapt to a business’s changing needs
    • Improve the liveability and sustainability of homes
    • Improve the appeal of properties

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