Our Services

We are a full-service practice. Our approach to any project is flexible and is determined by the strategy that best suits client needs. Early and realistic project assessments, strong project management and rigorous budgeting set us apart from our competitors.

We simplify the construction process for clients by being their singular point of contact, from inception to handover.


The Australian Not-for-Profit sector comprises of a diverse range of entities, all pursuing a range of wonderful charitable purposes through service delivery and other activities. The work of these organisations is vital to the environmental wellbeing of the community, as it helps combat social exclusion and promotes health, education, social welfare and religion.

At T3A, we are committed to supporting Not-for-Profit organisations by offering architectural services at Not-for-Profit rates. Please contact us to see how we can assist your organisation.

Core Services

  • Brief Establishment
  • Research, Design and Development
  • Obtain Approvals from relevant Authorities
  • Contract Documentation
  • Coordination of Specialist Consultants
  • Tender Negotiation
  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Phase Support
  • Post Construction Support

Other Services

A T3 Site Assessment Report outlines important information relating to the subject site such as Policy Area, Zoning, Council requirements, site features, site constraints, and potential development opportunities. This report provides a solid starting foundation for those who are considering developing their property.

A T3 Dilapidation Report is a comprehensive report that records pre-existing defects of the subject building and surrounding area (prior to construction work). Information and photographs ascertained on the day of inspection are collated in a concise and easy to read report to assist in the identification of new defects, which may arise from the construction work. This report may be used as supporting documentation in the event of damages claim.