Our People

Thanh Tran


Former Director of IDAA Inc.
Former Chair of IDAA Development Committee

Thanh’s passion in architecture started with his first house design project in year 12. Over many years of practising as an architect, this passion evolved to include a strong appreciation for light, materials and detail.

Since establishing T3A, his focus now is on improving people’s lives through the use of effective architectural designs that are simple yet compelling and without unnecessary add-ons. This design philosophy maximises value for money whilst inspiring better living for his clients.

Thanh is well-versed in Residential, Commercial, Corporate, Education, Correctional and Tourist Parks. Thanh’s strengths are in strategic thinking, lateral design thinking and attention to detail. His friendly nature and ability to easily interpret what clients need, allow him to efficiently formulate, develop and deliver personalised design solutions.

In his spare time he enjoys freestyle dancing with his daughter and discussing current affairs with family and friends over coffee.

Bao-Hien To

Office Manager

Bao-Hien began her career as a Pharmacist. After years of managing Pharmacies and a family owned business, she developed a passion for business and office management. Her experiences, organisational skills and friendly mannerisms provide invaluable support to the practice.

In the evenings, if she is not taking care of her family, Bao-Hien is either sewing garments or experimenting with new dessert recipes. If you visit our office, don’t pass up an opportunity to try one of her latest creations. Her Portuguese tarts are to die for!